Aquarius Film Digital Records fully understands the nitty gritty of managing a channel on various platforms. Many of our clients who are content creators inform us about the daunting tasks that is involved in the production, post production.


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Content Distribution

Content Distribution or Content Discovery is all about making your content available to the largest set of audience possible. It involves a set of conscious activities to understand the content format, and deliver content to that audience though a specific publishing channel.

We manage
Content Copyrights !

Are you a filmmaker?

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Author's Copyrights & Neighbouring Rights Collective Management Services - Includes firms specialized in protecting authors' copyrights through handling their representation , contract management , collect copyrights proceeds in return of contribution in domain of literature, drama, music, cinema and arts. Also to care for neighboring which involves individuals and corporations that perform and produce the authors intellectual production.

Movies & Short Film

We Produce / Co-Produce Indian Movies, TV Shows, Kids content & Mobile-First Digital Content...

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Audio & Video Songs

We works with writers, directors, composers, animators, and editors to produce a variety of songs...

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Film Production Services

Aquarius Film Digital are providing complete technical supplies and manpower to artistic companies engaged in cinema production.

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Content Distribution

We distribute audio & video contents to various audio & video platforms worldwide through our CMS.

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